When looking into diet and nutrition, do some research on healing properties in foods.  For instance Omega 3 fatty acids and cinnamon both have anti inflammatory properties which are very necessary when you intestines are swelling. 

Probiotics are essential for getting the proper balance of bacteria in your intestinal tract.

I use Green Vibrance, a green supplement daily to ensure proper vitamin intake as well as probiotic intake.  Such supplement provides additional vitamins and minerals not included in a typical daily multi.  It is best to keep it in the freezer and mix with a small amount of chilled fruit juice before consuming.  No sugar added, all natural fruit juice please.

Kelp (iodine) is another great supplement as it is known for cleaning the liver.

Minimize use of ibuprofens, acetaminophens etc.  These are all drugs even though not pharmaceutical grade.

Organic dairy, produce, and meat are very helpful as you are not ingestible chemicals and hormones.

Caffeine should be limited.  I drink plenty of decaffeinated green tea, which has many health benefits.

Alcohol especially during flair ups should be avoided.  I do drink once a week these days, but definitely recommend abstaining if you are having issues.  I was on the wagon for 2 full years before I was able to reintroduce alcohol.

Sugar often causes an abundance of yeast in the body and triggers flairs.  Minimize intake especially at first.

Attempt to obtain whole wheat/ grain type carbs.  Bleached white flour is never a good idea.

Eating plenty of vegetables will help but make sure you cook them first as its more difficult for the body to digest raw veggies.

Fried foods also need to be avoided.  If oils must be used I would recommend olive or coconut oil which have many health benefits.

Soda, sugary drinks, chemical infused drinks all should be avoided especially at first.  I still love diet soda (for some reason) and do allow myself one per week.

High fructose corn syrup is another one to avoid.  If sugar is necessary, I would suggest natural and organic sugar or try to use honey as a sweetener.

 A low fat diet is helpful as you don’t want your body to work harder than it needs to to digest anything.

In general, READ the nutrition labels to see what you put in your body.

I am steadfast with my acupuncture treatments.  The most I have ever gone without one is for 2 weeks while I was in Europe.  I did fine, but I made an appointment for the day I returned to the States.

Find time to work out.  Cardio strengthens the spleen, which in eastern medicine is the underlying cause of many bowel issues. 

I get deep tissue massages regularly which help clear toxins from the body.  Just remember to drink plenty of water after to flush out your system.  Lemon in your water is a great detoxifier. 

Make time to relax and decompress.  Your mind needs a break.