A different approach: Acupuncture

I was at my wits end: sick of different doctors, sick of taking pills, desperately wanting a normal life and tired of spending all of my hard earned money on co-pays, prescriptions, and treatments.  One Sunday at a family dinner my aunt was talking about a women’s club she belonged to and how the speaker that month had been an acupuncture physician.  She was a fertility specialist and worked with many women who couldn’t (yet wanted to) become pregnant.  She also worked on several other issues, one being IBD.  My aunt suggested calling her…what could it hurt?  In desperation, I scheduled an appointment the next week but was very pessimistic.  I had serious doubts of anything helping at this point.  I was over 2 and a half years into this and couldn’t imagine what life was like before IBD anymore.  What was it like to go anywhere and not first study where the nearest bathroom was going to be.

I was nervous to go as all the needles were all I could think about.  I arrived for my appointment and for the first time EVER in my life, a health care provider sat down and just talked with me for an hour.  No typo here.  She asked a million questions, some very random, and you could see her contemplating her next move.   She then began what would be the first of many treatments.  The needles did not hurt.  They were so thin that you could bend them.  Carolyn  Huffman explained that she wouldn’t be able to undo what I had done over the past several years in a very short time frame.  Essentially she asked for my patience and that she wouldn’t be able to cure me overnight but I would see small victories in the short term.  I began with weekly visits and started with a couple of herbs that would supplement our work in getting my body healthy.  All along my diet, medications, and supplements had taken a toll on my body.  UC was no longer the only issue as fatigue, anemia, and unstable menstrual cycles had all played a role.  Week after week we started trying new herbs and I continued getting acupuncture treatments at Huffman Wellness.  I swore off alcohol and most sugars in an effort to reduce the intestinal issues.  I look back now and can’t believe that it took until age 26 for me to truly educate myself about nutrition.  This is a vital first step in any healing process: TRUST ME!!!