Am I Seeing Results?

I will never forget the first true break through that I realized was on a trip up north for a friend’s wedding.  I had an acupuncture treatment right before leaving and had my arsenal of herbs packed and ready. This was approximately 6 months after I began treatments with Carolyn.  I didn’t have to run to the restroom once during this entire 4 day trip and never once worried about where the nearest restroom was located at.  When I returned home and reflected on the weekend it almost brought tears to my eyes.  The whole eastern medicine concept seemed to be working and it was the boost that I needed to stay steadfast on my trek towards normalcy.

Over the next several months I remained on course and we even began tweaking some herbs just to experiment on what could get me to the next level.  I was off any type of ‘diet’ and was just eating healthy, which included tons of cooked vegetables, fruits, and protein.  I was probably only having to use the restroom around 4 times per day at this point which was a huge improvement, but I had set my sights on a goal and wasn’t giving up.  I would return to my pre-diagnosis state and I had Carolyn by my side continuing to make every effort to improve my health. Too bad I can’t say the same for any of the 3 GI’s that I had seen up until now.  I had learned which foods would upset my stomach and cause a flair up.  I had even kept a food journal when I was first diagnosed, but that never seemed to help.   I had switched to all organic produce, meat, and dairy.  The health food market was my home away from home.  I was now taking Omega 3s, multi vitamins, probiotics and iron.  I was back to the gym full time, something that I terribly missed for awhile, but hadn’t had the energy to do.  I had also put on a few pounds mainly because food was actually being digested versus passing right through me.  All in all I had made significant progress.

About a full year after I began with acupuncture I was down to just 2 or 3 bathroom trips a day.  My UC really wasn’t negatively affecting my life anymore.  My family and friends would ask me on a regular basis how I was doing and I always would say okay.  But now it was actually true.  I really was okay, maybe even good.  Even though my symptoms had drastically improved, I still thought about it all of the time.  I was conditioned to worry and was always stressed about my health.  Any little flair up, which is bound to happen at some point would have me unnerved.  That is when I started working on my mind.  I knew that I needed to reduce stress and anxiety and low and behold that became the final piece for me.  It took some time and a few good vacations to right-mind myself.

It is now 5 years after I began to dabble in the natural and homeopathic world.  I only use the restroom once a day, I do not dwell on my former disease, I swear by diet and health for overall well being and I most definitely believe that it is up to you if you want to be well.  Do the research, be well-informed and prioritize your health.  I do tie one on every so often, so please don’t let me lead you to believe that I am perfect.  It is such a blessing to be able to cheat once in awhile and eat poorly and drink alcohol and not pay for it later.  Oh, and I don’t miss an acupuncture appointment.  I still take some herbs, but it is on an as needed basis.  I have a cabinet full of them and rely on them for anything from a headache, the flu, sore muscles, menstrual cramps, to diarrhea and bloody stools.  I rarely take a pharmaceutical drug and look to cure myself naturally first.  I haven’t taken an antibiotic in 6 years, but I guess that’s not saying much since I’m rarely ever sick.  Acupuncture and herbs fortify the body making you more resistant to colds and flu’s.  I’ve twisted my ankle at the gym and even fixed that via this regimen.  We Americans are far too quick to fill the prescription that has a laundry list of side effects.  You don’t need a Zpak, you need nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and some rest.  When I look back and think of how I used to treat my body, it’s a wonder that I didn’t have something worse than UC.  This was quite the wakeup call for me, but I appreciate what it has done for my overall well-being.  I am stronger, healthier and more resistant than ever.   You can be too.  Good luck!